Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Oddball Sherman: Arrived

I received my Bolt Action "Oddball Sherman" in the mail.

It's awesome. Resin tank with metal minis for the crew.

It's quite nice looking, and should be a fun model to assemble and paint.

The book, though, is awesome. I laughed out loud a few times just flipping through it.

It has:

- stats for the tank and crew, Hollywood version and regular veteran troops.

- stats for Oddball and crew, Crapgame, Kelly, Big Joe, Babra, Hollywood Tiger tanks ("Principle Service: 1951-2001")

- Nexus of Positive Waves - a random table for the effects of PFC Moriarity's negative thoughts ("Crap!") on the game as whole.

- special rules, such as my favorite:

"Ve have gasolene all over ze place."

If you adopted a cliched, war movie German accent, you get to modify an activation roll for your unit. Best part of the rule? "Actual native German players, this means you too." It comes with another, cost, too, which is a rule that means you might just sit stock-still shooting up random terrain instead of acting.

It has rules for artillery that depends on the unreliable Mulligan, too.

The booklet, the rules, the tank - all were clearly written by big fans of the movie. Ones who did their research, read the novelization, and watched the movie oh so many times. It's about time for me to watch it again, too, don't you think?

Oh, and it turns out there is a special figures set with Kelly, the Bavarian tank commander, etc. - so I went and ordered those, too, from the same seller on eBay. It came a week earlier than expected and it's exactly as I thought it would be, so here is more of my business.

So, Merry Christmas to me!

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