Sunday, December 20, 2020

End of the line for the Lord of Spite?

We're playing the third - and what should be the last - session of the do-or-die fight with the Lord of Spite.

I have no idea how it'll turn out at this point - the Lord of Spite's allies have been destroyed, as has his axe, and his necklace of skulls. But he's replaced the necklace of skulls, and the PCs have several members severely wounded and out of the fight, including Sir Bunny, missing limbs or extremities, such as Bruce, or exhausted from too much encubrance and too much Great Haste, such as Heyden. It's round 2 of the battle, and both sides have taken losses. Who can come out on top?

1 comment:

  1. I predict the PCs end up 'nigh TPKed'. Just the Beholder fight, one or two will live to flee, those unconscious or too wounded to flee will die. They just don;t have enough inertia to keep the fight pressed to their advantage and none of them have stepped up to fill Vryce's sabatons.


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