Thursday, December 24, 2020

Pyramid Kickstarter

So Pyramid Magazine is making a Kickstarter comeback for three issues:

My article, "The Demonic Temple of Felltower," is a stretch goal.

It's connected to the excellent article "Toxic Grimoire" by Aleksei Isachenko. I had some poison-based spells used by the lizardmen in my game, and he had a lot more, so I sent him mine so he could use them and made sure my article pointed to his. So I hope this gets funded so you can see just who in Felltower likes to chuck around poison-based magical attacks!


  1. Poison spells are something I'm deeply interested in, so I'll definitely be backing this (who am I kidding? I'd be backing it anyway).

    I almost sat down and wrote up a whole poison School for Magic a few years back, but decided instead to go different route with the Character.

  2. Has SMarsh or anyone made any announcement about how to submit material for future issues?

    1. No - these were solicited from a smallish pool of freelancers. I'd suggest reaching out to Steven directly.

  3. I'll be watching this one with interest. Pyramid has been a useful resource for all the way back when it was a weekly ezine. I was sorry to see it go. Getting new issues (in this format especially) would make my day.


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