Thursday, December 10, 2020

GURPS DF Monster: Norkers

Let's stick with this Fiend Folio thing I'm on this week.

This is a GURPS version of a monster - one I can never sell or re-use as it is just a conversion, straight-up, of an AD&D monster from the Fiend Folio.

The norker.

I love norkers. They're easy to place, easy to equip, fun to talk about - "norker" is a fun name - and are just odd enough to not-quite feel like a usual humanoid. Plus they didn't magically turn into beetles like umber hulks did. They're just armored humanoids. And they've got a Russ Nicholson depiction!

To maintain some mystery, I'm just posting the "basic" norker. The PCs in Felltower have often run into more lethal versions - Norker Brutes, for example, with higher ST, and a Norker Champion with overall better stats.

Norker Warrior

A hobgoblin with a hard, armor-like skin.

ST: 13 (1/2-1)               HP: 13                                               Speed: 5.5

DX: 11                           Will: 10                                             Move: 5

IQ: 10                            Per: 10

HT: 11                           FP: 11                                                SM: +0

Dodge: 7                        Parry: 9                                            DR 5 (DR 7 skull, DR 3 eyes)

Bite (13): 1d piercing, Reach C.

Punch (13): 1d cr, Reach C.

Thrown Axe (13): 2d+1 cut, Acc 0, 13/20.

Weapon (13): Axe (2d+1 cut, Reach 1) or Club (2d crush, Reach 1).

Traits: Appearance (Ugly); Bully (12); Callous; DR 5 (cannot wear armor); Extra Attack (Bite); Infravision; Magic Resistance (Thaumaturgy only) 5; Nictitating Membrane 3; Rapid Healing; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +3; Social Stigma (Savage).

Skills: Axe/Mace-13, Thrown Weapon (Axe)-13; Brawling-13; Stealth-11.

Class: Mundane.

Notes: Extra Attack allows an additional bite attack only - subject to damage on a parry. Notable equipment includes:

 Axe, $50, 4 lbs.; Throwing Axe, $60, 4 lbs., or Heavy Club, $35, 3 lbs.


  1. He's a little smarter than the average hobgoblin. Do you have that affect combat at all?

  2. Now you just have to convert the rest of the Fiend Folio, right? ;)


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