Saturday, December 5, 2020

DF Felltower - Fiend Folio crossovers

Some prominent blogger said he doesn't like the Fiend Folio.

I obviously love it.

What have I used from the Fiend Folio so far?

Bugbears (DFM1, but draw inspiration partly from Meazels)


Giant Troll

Golden Swordsmen (my own creation, but draw inspiration from the Githzerai and Githyanki)


Demon, Frog (draws some inspiration, and a mini, from the Green Slaad)

So, not a lot so far - but I can promise there are more in the depths below Felltower than come directly from the Fiend Folio.Looking the book over, I've used about half of the monsters in the book at some point in an AD&D or GURPS campaign . . . and I have stats for many of them.

Equally, there are some from the Fiend Folio that ended up downrange from the Tomorrow Men in GURPS Gamma Terra . . . but that's a post for andi jones to write.


  1. It took me many, many years to truly appreciate Fiend Folio. I'd bought it mostly for completeness back in the early 80s, and had previously written it off as being comprised mostly of "tiny, annoying things" and "weird undead". That is, before I paid a little more attention and discovered the Grell, Flinds, Kuo-Toa, Bullywugs, and the Slaadi.

    1. It's also one of the most Gamma World of all AD&D/D&D supplements . . . as much as Barrier Peaks. A good chunk of the monsters are just oddball science fantasy-like monsters as much as they are fantasy monsters.


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