Sunday, January 10, 2021

Felltower updates

I just did some housecleaning updated for Felltower today:

- Gates list is updated with the new gate.

- Updated the monsters encounter list with the yeth.

Links to all three are on my DF Campaign page.

- I'm still waiting, more than a year later, for equipment lists of the PCs lost to the beholder. If I don't have them . . . the lost stuff stays lost. It's not there. So hopefully people send them out. I should have taken character sheets like trophies so I had them to crib off of, but I did not.

- Wrote some rumors. We still go through most of the ones I write. Even at 1 each, a party of 10 gets almost every single rumor on my d12 chart each session. I could write more, but it's hard to keep coming up with them.

Otherwise, I did put a little more work into some deeper areas of Felltower. I'm assuming the PCs will take another run at the yeth next time. They managed to kill 3-4 of them, so it should be an easier fight next time. Right?


  1. On your DF Campaign page, in The Graveyard section, there is a broken link. "Varmus the Hanged, mostly bisected by a giant." is missing the .html suffix. Earlier in the page, under The Summaries, the URL for "Session 140, Felltower 108 - Against the Giant" is correct.


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