Monday, January 25, 2021

Fire in the Lake - Ordered

I've been looking for a copy of Fire in the Lake, 2nd printing. My best shot at it was on, but I waited too long and the price shot up, and then the game largely became unavailable.

eBay has lots of copies, all of 1st printing . . . and the update kit costs a substantial amount.

But GMT games launched a "P500" for a reprint. When they get 500 pre-orders, they'll do a 3rd edition print run. So I went ahead and ordered it:

I ordered #86 out of 500. We'll see how long it takes to get 414 extras.


  1. Hopefully you have more with Fir in the Lake than I've had with Pendragon. i can't get anyone to play it!

    I'll have to sit down and play it solo a few times to at least the get the feel for it I guess. I've got some days off coming, I might just set one aside for this.

    1. I expect to play it solo a couple of times to get the rules down, and then drag some of the more local people into it if possible.

  2. GMT often just reprints with games like this.

    You are probably looking at a long wait still though


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