Sunday, January 24, 2021

Even More DF Felltower languages

Here are a few more known languages of DF Felltower.

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D'Aboan - a now obscure language spoken in the now-fallen D'Aboan Empire. It was the language of priests and scholars in the end, have been superceded by the common language for most uses.

Cashamashish - Sometimes jokingly call "Magician" for its association with the wizard-plagued city of Cashamash. Spoken almost exclusively in Cashamash; residents usually also know the common language for communication with non-natives.

Osirian - the language of the long-dead Osirians. Its written form is pictographic, and the arrangements are more symbolic than precise in decorative use, and modified pictographs are used with connecting shapes and lines to create more precise writing for record keeping, scholarly work, etc. Its writers are very fond of wordplay and puzzles and riddles. Its spoken form is lost to modern knowledge.

Trollic - Trolls speak their own language. It's eerie and soft and quiet, much like trolls. It's said to have a dozen words for "bridge" and scores of words for "swamp."

Notable non-languages:

- The folk from Cornwood speak in an accent they call "Cornish" but everyone else calls a "Cornwoodian" or "Wooden" accent.

- Ogric or Ogrish or Ogerian are the scholarly terms for the simplified Orcish spoken by Ogres. It's considerably dumbed down, with simplified grammar and speech patterns, and cannot convey more than basic, direct concepts. Ogre stupidity is frustrating even to orcs, who don't much value linguistic scholarship. (In game terms, anyone who can speak orcish can understand Ogric, but may not necessarily be able to mimic its speech back.)

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