Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Last Day - $6 for 3 issues of Pyramid, 44+ pages each

This is the last day for this Kickstarter:

I hope we unlock those last articles - Sean Punch's "Tactical Looting" covers a lot of ground I'd like to see done up officially in GURPS - rolls and times and penalties for navigating around in a dungeon. I've got my own, of course, and I plan to use them to fill in what Sean hasn't covered . . . but only after his article is published!


  1. $424 away with 12 hours to go!

  2. Now past $33,000. I'd predicted yesterday that we'd hit the goal today, though I'll admit "before 9am" was not prominent on my radar.

    1. I figured it would probably max out. I'm glad it did so.


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