Monday, January 11, 2021

The Hobbit: Dead Gandalf

I'm playing The Hobbit, as I mentioned a few posts back.

It's fun, but also can be a little frustrating. It has its own timing, so NPCs wander around and do things, and time passes.

Sometimes this means a Horrible Goblin captures you the second you walk into a room.

Sometimes this means a Horrible Goblin kills you the second you walk into a room.

Sometimes Thorin gets seperated from you and just doesn't turn back up, resulting in a dead man walking scenario. Or Gandalf grabs the ring from you and leaves and doesn't turn back up when you need to use the ring, so bad stuff happens and the game is effectively over.

Sometimes this happens:


I can win the game anyway, so I will try, but it's sad to know Gandalf the Grey can get solo-killed by some random goblin.

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  1. This is really weird. I played the Hobbit text adventure on Commodore 64. It had graphics! Well, it would very slowly draw the scenary like hills and trees, to go with the location you entered. I never got very far but I don't recall any weird bugs like the ones you describe. That might have been a bad port to DOS.


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