Friday, January 15, 2021

Random Links for 1/15/21

It's Friday, let's look at stuff I bookmarked during the week.

- Want to play some D&D at UK lunchtime? I can't, I'm at work those hours. But Noisms is running a game.

Wednesday Lunchtime D&D Call to Arms

- Tenkar pointed this out - Planescape is available on demand:

Planescape Boxed Set

I strongly dislike the whole White Wolf-like vibe of "berks" and Planescape cant . . . but the setting is really cool.

- Stalingrad Phase 2 Commences

This quote jumped out at me:

"One concern I have is that given the size of the table at 10 x 6 can players easily reach units in the center? Yes, I am fearful of the dreaded gamer "belly smash" were players with ample "provision storage" accidently crush figures and terrain features along the table edge as they lean over."

This brought to mind this picture of Gary Gygax:

That dreaded "provision storage" is one of the reasons I am a personal trainer*, nutrition coach**, Pilates instructor***, and Behavior Change Specialist.**** I admire your exemplary pre-storage of calories, but it's also unhealthy at best. For the health of yourself and the health of the hobby, maybe a little more movement and a little less ration consumption would be a positive. I list those qualifications not to advertise my services, but to show why this jumps out at me and that I've got some kind of knowledge about the subject. I can and will refer out if you want assistance on ration storage reduction but don't want the Dungeon Fantastic Guy as your help.

- Knowing your players is key.

Knowing Your Players and Their Kicks

* NSCA-CPT (National Strength & Conditioning Association, Certified Personal Trainer)
** Precision Nutrition level 1
*** Balanced Body
**** National Academy of Sports Medicine
I also teach martial arts, but there isn't a certification for that, just an amateur fighting record.

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