Saturday, June 5, 2021

Blind Wizards & Wizard Eye

This came up as a random question in our game last time.

Can a blind wizard see with Wizard Eye?

We really have two idea here:

- no, because what affects vision on the caster affects the Eye,

- yes, because it's awesome.

One player said, if the answer is yes, he'll immediately make up a guy who does exactly that. I told him not to. While it's a cool thing to contemplate, it's going to require rulings basically every game, for every single thing. That's one thing for an NPC wizard, but another for a PC doing basically everything.

- How to cost Blindness when someone will have a spell on to make it irrelevant all of the time?

- How to deal with NMZs?

- Can you "conceal" the eye inside armor, like a light in a helmet lamp?


In the end, though, my answer is yes. Nothing in the spell says the wizard's disadvantages affect the spell, only spells that affect vision affect the spell.

So yes, you can blind a wizard and he, she, or it can cast Wizard Eye and see anyway.


  1. I'd inclined to keep the awesome-based ruling and, if a player were going to try to bypass Blindness that way, smack the disad with a -80% Mitigator. Also, smack the player with an empty two-liter bottle.

    1. You're effectively moving from Blindness to One Eye (-15), with the limitation "Requires Mana" and that it takes one second to be able to make an eye, but the upside that you're able to move that eye around and make a new one. So a net -10 is probably fair. You're not blind, and you can protect your brain in a way that most can't (helmets with no eye holes) but you're going to deal with a lot of issues.

  2. Yeah, making a dude with Blindness to start should be right out, but I can see Blindness coming up in play, and a Wizard with Wizard Eye now has a handy way around that for themselves.

    1. That would be a temporary thing, really. No one is going to end up with both eyes permanently crippled and fail both Regeneration spell rolls. So it would just be a ruling for in-play in case someone gets acid in the face if you don't allow someone to make a character with it.


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