Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cold Fens Things to Do

I thought I'd be helpful and list what my players have brought up as things to do in the Cold Fens.

These may not all be equally doable. Some aren't doable at all.

- loot the dragon's lair. More than one suggestion has been predicated on, "Get there while the dragon isn't home, just like in Session 46." None have included fighting the dragon.

- checking Sakatha's lair for nymphs/bandits/random vials of unholy water/etc.

- finding trolls to fight.

- fighting the giants and/or looting their lair.

No one has brough these up, but they are possible:

- exploring the rest of the Cold Fens, at least the watery section, for other adventure possibilities.

- Finding the main dwelling area of the trolls, off to the east where they seem the thickest on the ground.

I'll add more if my players mention more to me!


  1. I would want to try to search for those critters Galen sniped one of a ways off that they spoke to spirit of. They seem worth trying to investigate!

    1. I'll add it to the list.

      The best chance to do that was weeks ago, when they were first encountered. It's far too late to track them down except by Divination spells and asking the right questions.


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