Friday, June 11, 2021

Links & Thoughts for 6/11/2021

Assorted stuff for Friday.

- This is an interesting take on an "origin" for beholders. It would fit well in a GURPS Fantasy II: The Madlands game. There, all of the really horrible things that will kill you used to be humans like you. Soulless, skinless, boneless . . . creepy stuff.

- The Reaper Bones V Kickstarter is finally shipping soon. I think I might have all the minis I need, though . . . I'm not really excited about getting more. I was already painting less pre-pandemic, and here during the (tail end of the?) pandemic I've painted almost not at all. I love minis but painting hasn't been something I've been able to keep up. We'll see what I do with the minis when the arrive.

- I probably won't have a game system that can run this . . . but I'll want to get one:

- Let's learn about Romans.

- Crypt of Krysuvik production is still moving along.

- I owe some work on my DF book, too, and I'll do that this weekend. Time for quotes! It would have been nice if I thought to find some ahead of time.

- Want to sell your TSR stuff? Noble Knight has a wishlist with prices.

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