Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Books - in Editing!

Alright, both of my books are in editing.

- Crypt of Krysuvik, by Marshall LaPira and myself, is currently getting a full Doug Cole go-through. He's being appropriately picky, and we've got a draft to read through and turn back in our comments on the edited draft. Still a lot to go.

- Dungeon Fantasy: Not the Breadboxes of Felltower, has been turned in and is now waiting on Nikki or Kromm to edit it. I expect to get a list of revisions to make, potentially, or just get it turned around into a rough production draft if there isn't much to write. It's not terribly crunchy, so probably more "fix Peter's bizarre English" and less "You say 2+2=5, fix that." Either way . . .

Exciting stuff. Leaves me plenty of time to think, gee, I have all of this free time. Why am I not writing something? Hah.

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  1. "Still a lot to go."

    Not that much. I'm tweaking a bit of structure based on Patreon feedback, but you'll be very surprised how quickly we go from where we are now to a near-final state lacking only art. The maps usually turn around in a matter of days unless Glynn is busy. And I have almost a dozen artists in my "rolodex," and a lot of what you guys have written is character-driven, which is totally in there wheelhouse. The longest item is likely to be the cover...and I have an idea there.


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