Sunday, December 5, 2021

Disadvantage review for Felltower PCs

It was time this week for a good look at the PCs in the campaign to see who needs adjustment.

Looking at every else's disadvantages, they largely play them.

Gerry is a clueless, zombie-friendly team player.

Crogar is a cautious and methodical swamp-hater.

Galen is a bloodthirsty loner who hates city folk, doesn't own much, and doesn't care much except to stick by his teammates.

Wyatt is company-loving, arrogant, overconfident guy who won't turn down a fight, even when it's a bad idea.

Bruce is a hair-trigger tempered fist-happy savage with no regard for things like "common decency" or "clothing."

Aldwyn needed a little tweaking, though. His disadvantages had him as having Code of Honor (Chivalry) and being an upright, honorable guy. His actual play has him being an upright teammate but a ruthless executioner who'll take your head while using whatever unfair advantages he can get.

So Code of Honor (Chivalry) had to go. After a short discussion, Code of Honor (Soldier's) plus Bloodlust (15) seemed to way to go, instead. He's actually a little more bloodthirsty than that, but that's fine - he can control it when he chooses to pretty easily. He, like Galen, just probably won't choose to control it very often at all.

Periodically I like to look at the characters like this. Their disadvantages should reflect how they're played . . . and I generally prefer to modify the disads instead of modify play, within reason. You should read someone's sheet, quirks and all, and say, "Oh my, yes" not "I didn't know you had . . . "

I also need to spend some points on Varmus - he had 10 to spend. I'm currently reveiwing what he has vs. what his full-on Wizard template needs . . . and I'm aiming to bring him in line with that. A pure gamist perspective would be to get Magery 6 before anything else and then up Energy Reserve. That would make him the most useful to the other PCs. But would it make Varmus-as-Varmus the best wizard he could be, long term? Maybe not . . . and when Aldwyn hits 500 would it be nice if Varmus looked a lot like a 250-point wizard? I think yes. So I'm still deciding the best route to getting close to there.

And look for a post later this week - possibly Thursday or Sunday - with a Felltower-specific discussion of what the Code of Honor (Soldier's) means in play.


  1. Disadvantages: Compulsive Generosity [-5]; Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism) [-5]; Gluttony [-5]; Honesty [-10]; Intolerance ("Evil" Religions) [-5]; Paranoia [-10]; Selfless [-5]; Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Co-religionists) [-10].

    Quirks: Q1: Can't stand being dirty [-1]; Q2: Overconfidence in Galen [-1]; Q3: Minor Addiction - Alcohol [-1]; Q4: Depressed about lack of fighting skills [-1]; Q5: Minor Bloodlust - evil creatures [-1].

    Alcohol really doesn't come up, and he probably needs to actually do *something* with Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism). I *think* he plays the others OK. But the GM is the ultimate judge!

    1. More like Minor Addiction - Caution!

    2. I get that due to the way you guys play "Sunday day trips into the funpark", Ritualism won't see much play. On a longer trip with overnight camps outs it should cut into his time to do stuff, just like Chi Ritualism (but even then, with a larger enough and amiable enough crew it still isn't much of hassle).

      Personally I have all "Ritualism" Disads cut into Downtime Actions as well, but since I rate DT actions by how many hours they take rather than "you get 1 (or 2)", that way does work better for my games than it necessarily would for Peter's.

      It might work for you guys if it cut's into his "post-combat" time in the dungeon, IE, if he has to stop and say a prayer for the fallen, even enemies, it cuts into his ability to loot quickly; or if he has to leave fallen foes with coins for the ferry man, it cuts into his loot taking capacities (if every dead humanoid foe costs him 2$, that still adds up); etc. Regardless, someway in which his personal spiritual beliefs are expressed ritually in game that actually impact it somehow...


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