Friday, December 24, 2021

Friday Random Stuff 12/24/2021

Three quick links for today:

- New game from the Dungeon Robber guy, Imperium.

- Chacuterie Bard. Sigh. You win again, curse you Tetsujin No Llama!

- Another fun "top" list from James - top 9 non-D&D adventures. I have some on the same list. I should do my own clickbaity lists - "Top 10 D&D Adventures - You Won't Believe #4" and "Billionaire Doctor Says Don't Take these Two GURPS skills!"

Mostly unrelated to gaming, but I just finished watching all of the First Doctor's adventures. Amusingly, contrary to everything I was told, there is at least once he's refered to as "Doctor Who" in the actual serials. I'd been told he "never" was called Doctor Who. Well, WOTAN does call him so. Anyway, on to Patrick Throughton and the Second Doctor . . . where the biggest chunk of missing episodes is. Thankfully people have reconstructed them from stills and the existing audio.

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  1. The first Doctor's episodes had the worst acting and production values (and I'm a huge Doctor Who fan so I generally don't care that in these areas but it still was painful to watch). But they are valuable as a piece of history shaping the DW lore. The second Doctor's episodes I think I would have really enjoyed but the reproduction from stills and animations somehow really ruined it for me and I couldn't enjoy the episodes. Shame. I hope you get more out of them. I watched all the others that were available on Netflix (DVD-in-the-mail version) but sadly there are still episodes scattered about that exist but Netflix won't replace broken DVDs. My count of stories I haven't been able to see by Doctor:
    First: 9
    (The entire 4th season is lost, including the first replacement of the Doctor with another actor and the accompanying in-story explanation.)
    Second: 11
    (Including the last two episodes of season 5 with the death of the second Doctor.)
    Third: 1 (The Mind of Evil)
    Fourth: 2 (Meglos, Shada)
    Fifth and later: 0


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