Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Felltower & Vow of Chastity

One of my players sent me a cleric, and it has Vow (Chastity) [-5].

I think in Felltower this is a quirk-level Vow. No less serious, but it just doesn't limit your character much. It's very rare that romantic involvement - or sexual involvement - comes up in a game-affecting way.

So I have rule it's a Quirk, and -1 points. I think the player has some other options which will actually be worth the -5 points, and I won't grumble over a disadvantage that doesn't actually limit the PC's actions or choices or results.


  1. I have a PC who picked coitophobia. I don't go into sordid details in my game, but I treat it as an enemy that causes phobic reaction: they keep running into explicit statuary or manuscript marginalia or livestock being triggering

  2. Probably somehow related to all nookie-related disadvantages being over-negative. Same as lifespan. Not getting no (or enough) satisfaction in your short life is a massive deal in real life, not so much in a game.

  3. Agreed, a Disadvantage that isn't a Disadvantage isn't worth the points for a Disadvantage. Now there's a couple of ways to go with it, Quirk or the Charles Seagar way: add on penalties.

    For Vow of Chastity? That's always been a Quirk for my games. It's simply not going to ever be an inconvenience to the PC so it's worth no more points than "Prefers his steak rare" would be, but that's because my games will never feature "have sex" as a key to plot movement. sexy times can come up, but I'm not gating adventure behind it.


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