Thursday, September 29, 2022

GURPS Conan - Queen of the Black Coast playthrough - Session 0 setup

I'll be doing a playthrough of GURPS Conan Queen of the Black Coast using the rules of the time - which should be GURPS 3e as the module came out in 1989.

I'll be running Conan, who is a 500 point character in this rules set. He's not as strong or skilled as his 40-year old self in Beyond Thunder River. He also has a boatload of additional disadvantages which bring his point total down.

For example, he has Sense of Duty to Belit, to all woman, and to comrades, for -5, -10, and -5 respectively. He also has Fanaticism: Love of Belit, which is a great way to depict an unquestioning love. He's also Struggling, but has plenty of valuable gear and this wealth issue never comes up. It's a bit of a muddle.

Belit is a mere 235 points, but she's still formidable. We'll see if she's plot-killed if I make the wrong choices!

I've got everything set up - including a small copy of the combat map I can mark up with pencils since I don't have space for the very large combat maps, and a crew roster for the Tigress.

I'll be away tomorrow so I'll start play Saturday or next Monday. This should be fun . . . although I remember this is a hard one to "win."

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