Thursday, September 8, 2022

Next GURPS Solo Play: Conan Beyond Thunder River

It's been a while, but after reading some Conan recently, I've busted this back out and intend to play through it myself next week:

I'm debating converting it on the fly to 4th edition . . . or just playing it as-is.

It's a fun adventure . . . it's quite possible to do better than Conan did, or worse, or the same. I've done all three.

This was such an eye-opener when I got it. We'd been playing with 100-point 1st edition GURPS guys, and then here is Conan with ST 19 (150 points!) and HT 17 (100) and 32 points in each of Brawling and Broadsword. 521 incredible points . . . so, so fun to run him.

I can't wait. (And the SJG web page is wrong, I think - this is the PDF on W23.)

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