Saturday, November 26, 2022

Foundry Lighting - Fixed!

This morning, Vic and I finally fixed the lighting.

It turned out to be a bum token - Gerry's token was, for some reason, emitting 360 yards of dim light in a 360 degree radius.

How we found it was the old fashioned hard way:

- we reset all the settings we could on the original map

- we created a text dungeon and did the settings from scratch to see if they worked (they did)

- we created a duplicate of the original map to see if the problems persisted through changes (they did)

- we created a new map and pulled the walls over to see if that worked fine (it did)

- we brought over the tokens . . . and the problem reappeared.

So we then put down one token at a time until we found the problem.

That fixed on the original map and on Gerry's prototype token, the problem went away.

We/I also solved a few other issues:

- How to make Gerry invisible to everyone but him, even if they de-select their icon. That took making him Owner-only, and using an invisibility macro that Vic gave me a while back.

- How to put icons down invisibly - hold down Alt when you click to place them down.

- How to add icons invisibly to the turn tracker - have them toggled to invisible (the above Alt-click method works fine if you're placing them the first time) and they will be invisible in the tracker.

- How to make someone invisible in the tracker (it's the eye icon).

- How to shade the lighting so it's dimmer outside the bright circle (at max, "dim" and "bright" look identical.)

I also experimented with Perfect Vision - I'll likely use it next time, but not muck with the game at the moment. And I deleted a bunch of modules we don't use anymore or which didn't keep pace with Foundry updates.

So that's a lot of fixes done. Thanks Vic!

For you guys playing along at home, here is the Invisible Macro:

const effect = => e.getFlag("core", "statusId") === "invisible");if (effect) return effect.delete();await"ActiveEffect", [{ icon: "icons/svg/invisible.svg", label: "Invisible", "flags.core.statusId": "invisible"}]);


  1. So what I'm reading is 'The Wizard did it'

  2. Damn that's really exciting! Glad you got it all worked out.


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