Saturday, November 12, 2022

Skeleton Weapons comic

This also describes my game. Thanks to the player of Ahenobarbus and all of the Barcas for sending this exact description of how I arm my skeletons. And how I feel about it.

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  1. Of course you don't see skeletons with powerful, exotic magic weapons. If they were walking around with that stuff someone would have destroyed them already to get the easy loot! Skeletons don't last long, even if you give them good gear.

    1. True, but only if skeletons are mindless, 1-HD creatures (or low-point in GURPS). Even in 1st edition AD&D, that wasn't always true . . . the Skeletal Warrior from Fiend Folio and various one-off tougher skeletons in Gygax modules are a bit tougher to get loot off of.

      GURPS also has skeletal wights, which are pretty nasty. I should bust them out for DF. Rolemaster had them, too.


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