Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Great Haste fixes . . . again

I've been giving a revised Great Haste more thought.

I put down a few options here:

Lessened Great Haste

I'm thinking about these again.

I don't think Great Haste as written is broken, but I do find it really does take a lot of time to resolve. It's not really a question of nerfing it, it's a question of how to make the game roll along more smoothly. People cast Great Haste and then one of two things happen:

- if a wizard, the target gets off some spells more rapidly


- if a fighter, the game grinds down into careful tactical movement during an All-Out Attack (usually Double, for +1 attack), with a maximum of allowed Dual-Weapon or Rapid Strike attacks, with careful placement for the second turn. Second turn is the same, except a normal Attack.

The second one takes a long time. So I'm trying to think of how to speed this up.

I'm leaning towards Double Your Abilities. There are issues:

Learning curve: It'll slow things down as people get used to it

Extra Attack: We'll need to decide how Extra Attack counts. Likely, it would be doubled.

What are my stats? You'll need to recalc your move to know what your Step is. This will likely result in the biggest time killer in my games - HELPING PEOPLE. "Hey, don't forget you get 2 steps." "No, I have Move 3, so I don't get a second step." "Oh yeah. But wait, isn't it doubled speed? Let me check the blog." Etc.

I do think if people got behind it immediately it would work and speed up play and resolution. I don't expect that to happen, though.


  1. One thing that might help speed things up further is to require players to write down their "hasted" stats somewhere and refer to them in play instead of calculating everything on the fly. I did something similar with the Holy Warrior's Heroic Feats advantages (where I also replaced the die rolls with their average values).

    1. Not a bad idea, but enough people drink down potions to bump their Agility, put on Haste spells to increase Move and Dodge, etc. so we'd need to take the step of ensuring they'd accounted for that.


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