Tuesday, November 1, 2022

GURPS Conan - Queen of the Black Coast playthrough - Session 2

I have a very short time to play tonight. So I'll get in a little more QotBC. Session 1 is here.

Current Time: Night

Crew Morale: 0

Conan gets a +1 reaction from the crew.

The moon rises, "blood-red and oddly menacing." Queue players asking if they can roll anything to know what that means and wouldn't my guy etc. etc. etc. Young love-stricken Conan does not do such things!

Howls and cries erupt . . . Hearing Roll at -3, +3 if I have Absolute Direction. If I succeed, I have a page flip. If I fail, the crew morale drops by 1 and I have a different page flip. Conan has IQ 13, Alertness +3, and Absolute Direction. 13 +3 +3 -3 = 16. I roll a 5. Conan sneers at the crew's concerns and points out the cries are inland, not on the river. The crew listens.

Time advances to Morning. Again, a morale-and-time dependent page flip.

We reach the city. Belit calls for the crew to arm and make ready, and crew morale is +1 (Current Morale 1.)

As we pull towards the wharves, it's time for a Vision roll - again, IQ 13 and Alertness +3 is a 16, I roll a 7 and make it. I see a winged thing fly off one of the columns in the city. N'Yaga the shaman calls it a winged ape and accursed. Belit "scoffs" and we tie up on a wharf.

I'm at entry 20 and need to stop (see, I told you it was a very short time.)

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