Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday links for 11/18/2022

- A fire-breathing bulette . . so . . . a non-flying Gamera, then?

- Thanks to Tenkar for posting this.

$100 is a lot for 8 minis. The beholder is beautiful, but it's also around $13 even if you think the others are worth the same.

- The post yesterday about offense vs. defense was specifically occasioned by me listening to a bunch of Hawkwind recently, including Warrior on the Edge of Time (listen here) (Lemmy's last album with them.) It got me thinking about Elric, and the Chaos Shield, and why I'd rather give someone Stormbringer than the Chaos Shield. So, now you know.

- These guys are interesting.

Grognard's Grimoire: Gorodaka (Haughty Dead)

- Wargames Foundry has launched their Christmas sale for their main site and Casting Room Minis, too. Too bad I already have dozens of pirates!

- (Editing Later) Forgot one - collected information on the Egg of Coot. it has that weird technological/magical mix that characterizes a lot of Blackmoor and makes it feel more like Hawkmoon than generic fantasy.


  1. Never figured you one for Hawkwind. Space Ritual is, to my mind, the greatest live album ever done, and one I bought again on iTunes when it got bonus tracks; I can envision Stacia dancing as I listen.

    RIP Nik Turner.

    1. Well, I love Lemmy, so it stands to reason I'd probably like early Lemmy, right? So while I've heard their Elric-based album it's the early to mid 70s stuff I find most interesting. I also like a lot of bands that semi-overlap with Hawkwind.
      You might like this podcast, if you haven't heard it before:

  2. fire breathing bulette you say? sounds like the Terrible Dire epically armored slorn I had burrowing around in my game (they ended up suffocating it by encasing its head in created stone)

    1. Sounds promising as a foe . . . I'd need the stats so I can deploy a half-dozen or so to check to make sure . . .

  3. Replies
    1. I hereby deny all knowledge of, and/or receipt of, said message. If I did receive it, I certainly wouldn't throw 1d+1 of those at my PCs. No sir.


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