Sunday, February 5, 2023

Game pre-summary

We finished up a delve today in DF Felltower. I'd expected it to be a short fight followed by adventuring, but the fight went badly for both sides for a while, and ended up taking up the session.

I'll post a full summary tomorrow, but suffice it to say, the PCs managed to eke out a victory and limp home in terrible shape, and left behind a very large swatch of (unlooted) casualties in the process.


  1. Unlooted indeed! But not everyone was able to vote. :(

    1. You have to stay conscious to get a vote.
      I\m sure they could have quickly gathered some sweet loot and carried three bodies and two 2-hex weapons and held out the map to find their way out, right? All in no time at all. ;)

    2. It was probably the right move to bail at that point.

    3. It's possible that no one was coming, and that Belmek and Lenny had plenty of time to strip the enemy, take their swords and sheaths, bundle them up, tie up Durinn's leg, etc. etc. and then get out with a bunch of saleable stuff.

      It's also possible that there were people coming, and taking this time would have doomed them to another fight, while burdened with wounded and loot, with no chance to escape unless they won that fight, too.

      Not surprisingly, Belmek and Lenny didn't want to bet on the former against the threat of the latter.

    4. I agree, they would have to be super risk takers to stay and loot. Maybe the guy who ran away was bluffing, maybe not. If they were down to two people and ten more people came to fight, they would have been toast.

    5. The could barely carry what they had. Even then, that was a bit of handwaving because it was friendly wounded. I'm not sure with which hands they'd have carried more. And no one had purses with coinage to grab.


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