Saturday, February 4, 2023

Game Prep Saturday

Game prep.

- I reviewed, again, the surprise rules from DFRPG. I'm going to use them. PCs using light sources, talking (and talking about in-game things is in-game, so you're talking in the dungeon), etc. aren't sneaking. So this is mostly NPCs trying to surprise PCs. A number of rules really favor PCs - healing and FP recovery for two - so I'm not worried. I do expect the usual complaints but the spectre encounter really felt kinda lame when it should have been a really rough go due to deliberately chosen ideal conditions for an ambush.

- Updated a few modules on the VTT and ensured everything in the setup looks good to go. It is.

- Reviewed the dungeon ahead. I think I have everything set up as it should be. We'll see!

- Normally I'd do some reviewing of character sheets, but I no longer keep updated ones for the PCs. GCA4 isn't really playing well with my computer anymore. I don't have the time to convert every PC and custom data piece for GCA5. And my players seem to mostly prefer GCS so they keep their own character records, generally. I can't keep my own files updated and converting to GCS just means I'm duplicating work. So I gave up on that.

- I did some thinking ahead. I figure there are 3-5 more sessions worth of things to do in this complex. So I fully expect 5-10 more sessions, increasingly empty delves. Heh. Hopefully not. But after this . . . Felltower itself awaits.

- I played some video games to clear my head of game.

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