Thursday, June 1, 2023

DF Felltower, Martial Artists, and "The Path"

DFRPG Companion 2 introduced "The Path" for martial artists.

After a player inquiry, I think yes, it should be fine for Felltower. We'll allow it and see if that's something that works out. It doesn't seem unbalanced when you compare with Shirtless Savage for Barbarians, anyway, so why not? 4 levels of Uninterrupted Fury does seem a bit much, but costs 80 points so I'm not sure it's unreasonable for the cost.


  1. Plus needing to buy the corresponding Chi Talent at 15/level to be able to buy the higher Uninterrupted Flurry.

    1. It gives enough bonuses that I don't really consider it a barrier to entry. Yes, it costs points, but it gives value for those points. It's a nice way to push towards broader development of the PC but it's not really a factor in my decision making. Like limiting certain spells to PI6 or Magery 3+, it's nice but PCs will get those levels anyway. Same with Chi Talent here.


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