Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Should I take Odious Personal Habit or Social Stigma?

I'm finalizing a slightly revised version of Handsome, the half-orc* scout.

Right now, he has the alarmingly standard Odious Personal Habit (Dirty Bushwhacker) disad, for -5 points.

Do I keep that? It's on-template and nice for a scout.

Or do I go where I'm leaning, and get Social Stigma (Criminal) instead?

Right now, with just Social Stigma (Savage), he's stopped from entering town on a 6- and has -2/-4 to negotiation rolls (more with Unattractive!) Do I just push that to -3/-4? Well, more with his appearance?

Or do I go with a -2 to in-town reaction rolls and most in-town rolls?

The second is demonstrably worse. But makes sense given that he's a greedy jerkoff with a bow. It won't hurt him in the dungeon but will make his social life in town even worse.

Decisions, decisions!

* Which parent was which? Both were half-orcs.


  1. "Which parent was which? Both were half-orcs."
    I like this. It is an all-too infrequent option, at least as far as what I have seen players of half-orcs choose for their own PC's origin; in my personal experience anyway.

    It seems reasonable to me to suppose, that if half-orcs are a core PC option in the game (DF, D&D, whatever), and also considered as mechanically distinct enough to not just be classified "orc", or "human" (or whatever), then half-orcs are also likely to be common enough in the setting (and therefore have been around long enough in that setting) such that the majority origin for them ought to be that at least one, if not both, of the parents would also be half-orcs.

  2. I like the idea of Ugly instead of Unattractive, but then that means you need to find another -2 in disads, which is annoying. Of course, Criminal Record could be cool--maybe that's why he goes off on adventures instead of another job. Odious Personal Habit (unwashed bushwhacker) is OK at best.

    Are you considering ditching Code of Honor (Outlaw) -5] or Obsession (Out-archer other archers) [-5]? I thought Handsome had Bad Temper (15) [-5], CoH [-5], Compulsive Carousing (6) [-10], Greed (12) [-15], Obsession [-5], and Vow (Own no more than what can be carried) [-5] for a cool -50 points.

    1. Ugly is a pain with the uneven costs, yeah.

      I'm thinking of ditching Bad Temper and adding Social Stigma, instead.


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