Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Felltower Summary preview

I'll do the writeup tomorrow, but today, two PCs and nine NPC hirelings went into Felltower.

Not all of them came back.

The ones that did were all injured, some gravely, some only moderately.

Even the wizard was mainting spells off his life force by the end, and everyone was staggering from fatigue.

And in the end only a little loot was taken.

But a fun time was had by all, if "by all" you meant me and the two players who showed up.

Oh, and the revised Concussion effects came up a couple of times, worked very well, and worked in a BIG way (thanks to my old-style handling of Explosive spells.) Sometimes in a "friendly fire" way. And so did hitting the wrong target, which happened in the worst way possible while still hitting another bad guy and not a friend.

Details tomorrow morning!

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