Monday, July 8, 2013

Show & Tell with Minis

My posting frequency might drop a little this week, as I'm helping teach English at summer camp at my school.

But today, one kid asked me "What's your hobby?"

So I told them I paint miniatures. Easier to explain than RPGs or MMA (I get tired of explaining that I fight for fun), really, especially to second language learners. I told them I'd bring some in tomorrow and show what I mean, since I think they're thinking, say, Gundam statuettes.

I picked out about a dozen minis. This is more work than just grabbing my game-ready case, but I don't want it to be too huge of a production. For that reason my dragon mini stays home, so do some of my more fragile ones.

But I packed up a shambling mound, my otyugh, and Eye of Death (I made those by hand), my efreet wearing his Pantaloons of Eyes (complete with hand-painted eyes), a ninja, a pirate, and a few of my best humans and humanoids.

I also grabbed a brush or two, and a couple of paints, so they can see what I use. Some half-finished minis and a blister or two of brand-new ones from my "someday" pile should help make it clear what the process is like.

Here is hoping nothing get broken (they're good kids, I think they can stay hands-off, if I explain the rules about touching first).

Yeah, show and tell with minis tomorrow. Maybe emergency gluing session tomorrow night.


  1. Helping to spark their imaginations is probably worth a little bit of glue. Hopefully it doesn't come to that :)

  2. You'll have to let us know how it goes :D How old are the campers?



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