Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DF Session 20 photos and my Works in Progress

Here are three images I just uploaded. Two are from Saturday's game, and one is my current painting work in progress shot.

I've hid them all behind this handy jump cut.

First, here is the group fighting three gnolls and four hyenas (?). They didn't last long.

Versus the Gnolls

The white bones in the back are represnting summoned servants.

Second, here they are attacking the hobgoblin sacrificial rear guard.
Kill the Bottlecaps

Third, here is my current work in progress - some rats from Mark Langsdorf, two Bones rat swarms, a Bones lizardman, Lucky Pete, Father Hans, and an as-yet unnamed peacock of a crossbowman. Pete and Hans were only basecoated on Saturday, now they're finished.

On the Workbench

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