Monday, July 22, 2013

eBay auctions and a "free" Mattel D&D game

As promised, I put up a number of old gaming items on eBay last night.

Here is my personal profile with all of the auctions.

They include:

- a lot of AD&D record sheets
- S1 Tomb of Horrors
- Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits
- M3 Twilight Calling
- some Ral Partha minis, including Planescape
- a pack of TSR monster minis
- some RAFM Reptiliads (later Universal Soldier ones, and a Rogue War Turtle)
- my spare copy of GURPS Low-Tech and GURPS Fantasy, to clear up some shelf space. I'll sign Low-Tech by request (I'm one of the authors)
- a Mystara boxed set.
- and a bit more

Some non-gaming stuff, too - including a Bodyblade and some Cowboy Bebop collectable figures.

If you win an auction and mention you're a reader of my blog, I'll throw in an extra something into your box - probably a pack of miniatures from my collection of old TSR lead I have way too much of. So let me know if you're a reader, and if lead is a problem tell me and I'll try to find something extra to throw in for you!

I also have a free giveaway. I have an old Mattel D&D Computer Labyrinth game. I DO NOT know if it works. It's missing pieces, too, including the adapter (it's also battery powered, though, via a 9V) and some of the wall pieces. It was given to me, used, as a gift, and I've never worked up the enthusiasm to buy a battery for it and try it out.

If you want it, it's yours - first person to contact me can have it for the price of shipping it to you. Shipping will have to wait a few days, perhaps, as I'll bring it to the post office with my first auction sales. It's about 2 pounds in a shipping box.

If you want it, it includes:

- game unit
- instruction book (intact but old and worn)
- 4 playing pieces (dragon, treasure, two heroes)
- 33 plastic wall pieces (originally had 50 according to the box)
(and since someone asked - that's no. No other pieces are included at all.)

I can't bring myself to list it on eBay because I don't think it's right to sell something possibly broken, and it'll no doubt cause animosity and bad feedback and pain. But for the price of shipping, you can find out if it works or cannibalize it for parts for your own more complete game.


  1. Has anyone claimed the Mattel D&D game? If not, I'd be interested.


    1. It's yours. The only other person who asked about it doesn't seem to want it after all. Send me an email at p underscore dellorto at yahoo.


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