Thursday, July 25, 2013


Okay, not WABAC, but way back.

The other day, Jeffro mentioned earlier editions of GURPS, and even had a picture of the 1st edition GURPS boxed set.

I had that boxed set.

I'm still trying to remember if I got it at Fat Moose Comics & Games II (shortly after and still, Timewarp Comics & Games), or if I got GURPS Swashbucklers there and picked up the GURPS set by mail order or from The Compleat Strategist in Montclair, NJ. I can't recall - all are equally likely.

So I dug around in my files to find my "semi-destroyed but not tossed game books" folder. And here is some of what I turned up:

GURPS Group shot photo

My 1st edition GURPS Basic Set Book Two, and the cover of Book One. What, me take very poor care of things I was using all the time? Yeah. I'm not careful with the stuff I use. I literally wore these books out.

Both of my copies of Man-to-Man (one I inherited from my cousin when he quit gaming.)

GURPS Fantasy, 1st edition, with at least one spell that no longer exist in the system - Spellbreak. Oh, and half the book was the lands of Ytarria, which is now GURPS Banestorm.

That's a print copy of the 1st Roleplayer magazine, with a 3 x 5 card sized NPC sheet. I have two of that issue, and and two of a couple more. Of course, they're all available for free now.

GURPS Autoduel, one of the first GURPS supplements I got. Very cool, although it simply took the damages of weapons in Car Wars and multiplied them by x3.5 (to scale 3 hits to 10 hits for a person). Cute, but we had a half-ogre who could take a RL hit to his torso without serious damage and who could cut a Shogun 100 in half . . . oh well, it was still a good book, and it's why I wanted the next edition.

Orcslayer - I should have two of this, but I can't find both. We ran it several times and had a blast each time.

GURPS 1st edition photo

If you look closely at the basic set pictures, you can see the 1st printing, 1986 mark on them. I bought this the second I could. We couldn't wait. Although it would take a few years for GURPS to replace my AD&D game and my dalliance with Rolemaster, we started playing some things with it right away and never really stopped.

GURPS 1st edition closeup

You know, if someone has a list of what was on the stapled middle pages of MTM, I can see if I have all of the pages. Maybe that's all SJG needs to put Man-to-Man back up for sale on e23.

PS - I posted more minis on my eBay auction last night. Links on the right; more to come as I thin out the collection of stuff I'll never paint.


  1. Totally Awesome! I've got some older stuff too, but not quite that old. I think I had that Basic Set and I know I still have that Autoduel, but none of the older stuff (have the reprinted Fantasy)

  2. My memory for such things is failing - I don't recall where I picked up the first edition GURPS Basic Set. It was probably Stuff & Nonsense, the only real game store in Salem, Oregon back then. I have distinct memories of supplement books in magazine-rack style rounders.

  3. I remember getting the 1st edition GURPS Basic Set at Games of Berkeley. Also got Fantasy and eventually Autoduel. Still have those in the proverbial box in the attic.

  4. I played Man to Man at school when it was new, but I was mostly using Rolemaster/Space Master at the time and didn't really get into GURPS until the late 3rd edition days. But I remember Autoduel Champions...

  5. Oh god... Memories...

    I picked mine up at a Hobby Haven and got all the books they had: Autoduel, Horseclans and Fantasy.

    1. Horseclans and Humanx were the only things I didn't end up with out of the original books. That I know of anyway!

  6. I've still got Melee, Wizard, The Fantasy Trip, and GURPS 1st Ed, but Man-to-Man went missing.


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