Saturday, July 20, 2013

Felltower raided, news tomorrow

We played a session today. About the same length as usual, but since it was Saturday we started later and ended later. So I'm too tired to get the whole summary down now.

Some highlights:

- maps were connected, so now all of the ways they know down to level two are now on the same map!

- orcs, weird rock men, and hobgoblins were slain.

- traps were set off by sacrificial Created Servants.

- they re-visited the mysterious altar from session 19

- not much loot was gathered, but it was still plenty to make it worth going.

- more exploration than fighting or looting this session. It was all about the map.

- No less than 3 ways down were found (two stairs, and one tunnel)

- another statue room was discovered - they've now found four rotatable statues.

All in all it was a really productive "slow" session, where not much happened and yet the stage was set for a lot.

Details tomorrow while I'm having my coffee.

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