Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Thoughts X

Just a few random bits too small to be blog posts of their own:

Fast and Slow Dungeon Levels - Do you get through the level quickly, or does it encourage you to go through it quickly? Or is it a place you need to explore slowly?

These two now three excellent articles examine the question of time to deal with a level. It's couched in D&D terms, but it's really pretty general advice at heart. Just substitute "go down to level 2 and score enough for level 2" to "go down to level 2 and make a score big enough for a major upgrade" in GURPS terms.

Fast and Slow Dungeon Levels

More on Fast Dungeon Levels

Slowing the Pace (But Not to a Grind)

Clearly I have a couple of slow levels in my own dungeon, at least the first two. Surface was fast, level 1 and 2 are slow. Level 3 remains to be seen, although the PCs have been there before without knowing it . . .

Painting It was so hot and humid here I put the AC on (this is rare), but that meant it was cool and dry enough to paint. So I started working on a generic crossbowman, Father Hans the Healer, Lucky Pete, and my Bones lizardman.

Some Guys Half Done

I need a more pacifistic looking priest for Father Hans, but he's bearded, carries a stout club, and uses a shield, so this mini isn't far off.

eBay - I also put together some of my old gaming stuff and minis that I never intend to use again and I'll put them up on eBay soon. Some old AD&D stuff, Planescape minis, a RAFM war turtle, etc. I'll put up a real post and link once it's all together and I've got them listed.

Melee Academy - Don't forget tomorrow is Melee Academy!

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