Sunday, August 3, 2014

DF Felltower: Where are the summaries?

I haven't posted a summary in a couple weeks, and it'll be longer before I do.

What's up?

Basically, it's Summer, and I'm busy and on the days I'm not, many if not most of the gaming group is also busy. That means we're taking a month between sessions. The next game should be in 2 weeks.

But that's not all. We're also taking a short side trip from our DF game.

We've been discussing running Gamma World for a while. One of my players, andi jones, who runs the Black Ray Gun tumblr, is a huge Gamma World fan. As am I.

We'd both discussed running GW for the group this summer.

So, naturally, we had to sort out who would GM.

I sent out an email listing a few ways to run GW:

- unfrozen 21st century super-soldiers - inspired by the Morrow Project for the other GM, by my old GURPS Mutants & Mayhem game (run for the players of Vryce, Dryst, and Honus, plus later two others) for me.

- DF guys transported mysteriously to a post-apocalypse setting - Inspired by Faceless Men & Clockwork Monsters and the utter ease of mixing tech and magic in a universal game system like GURPS. This wouldn't mix with our current group, but we'd assume the PCs came from the same world Felltower is on for consistency of rulings.

- primitive post-apocalypse tribesmen - inspired by the original setup of Gamma World.

The players chose the first. The other GM and I had discussed this privately - if they chose that option, he'd run the game and I'd play. If they chose the other options, I'd GM and he'd play.

So since they chose the first, I'll hopefully be playing instead of GMing in a couple weeks, on a day we'd normally spend delving into Felltower.

With any luck, it'll stick, and we can share the world - or at least the concepts - and I can also run games in it. We'll see how it all works out. I'm looking forward to playing but I'm a little jealous, too - there is little I love more than springing post-apocalyptic horrors from Gamma World on people and seeing what they make of it. Soon it will be my turn!


  1. Morrow Project? That's going waaaaay back! Pull out the old Judges Guild mags for that.

    1. I've only every heard of it - but andi knows it well.

  2. Was hoping to see more of Felltower to inspire my work on

    1. We should be back playing it before the end of August, or by September at the latest.

  3. That would be great. I can't believe, that there hasn't been a Gamma World game for GURPS. Gamma World was one of my favorite games.

    1. A worldbook would be nice. GURPS does Post-Apoc so easily it's just a matter of deciding what kind of stuff to throw in. I can run GW in GURPS on almost zero prep.


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