Sunday, August 17, 2014

Post-Apocalypse Pre-Summary

We played Gamma World today. One of my players ran the game using a light subset of the GURPS rules plus some choice bits from books like Action 2: Exploits (like Range Bands) and rules like Armor as Dice. Any rust he had on him as a GM was made up for with a crowd of players who know GURPS and a rock-solid knowledge of what's cool about Gamma World.

I don't have the time to write a full summary tonight - I'll try to get one done tomorrow. But some highlights:

- We played un-frozen 21st century soldiers, thawed out, equipped, and then forced out of our bunker by extreme lack of breathable air. The androids and soldiers waiting outside for us, as we were assured by our android helpers, weren't there, and we couldn't get back in.

- We found the world greened, mossed-over, and "snowing" green mold from a green-tinged sky. O-kay . . .

- We fought some Badders (badger-men) in the fuselage of a gigantic two-level passenger aircraft spanning a chasm like a covered bridge. Their armor shrugged off a lot of 9mm fire but the 7.62 x 51 the rest of us used blew holes right through them.

- We rescued a green dude and he and his giant riding dog (which felt things at us in our heads) lead us back to their village.

- We talked to their elders and centaur-ape dude warrior sub-chief and met a Restorationist who knew English from books.

- We agreed to go hunt down some badders and armored men who attacked them.

- We got to walk on an elevated highway.

- We got to go into a rad zone and shoot up some robots.

Other highlights were the spectacular handouts our GM provided, freehand maps that make mine look like junk (our GM is a professional artist), getting to give each other nicknames (Mine was Hillbilly, another guy got Princess), and equipment lists that only needed a highlighter to mark off the gear you'd chosen. Oh, and as advertised, characters that took all of 10 minutes to have ready for play including 1 minute of actual prep and 9 minutes of discussing the prep with each other.

No mutant women clad in WOW clothes, riding bears, or black ray guns. Or hoops. But hey, Badders. Nothing wrong with Badders. Well, nothing 7.62mm couldn't fix.

All in all, a fun session, and we'll play out the rest of it in a couple of weeks.


  1. How did Armor as Dice run for y''all? any issues crop up beyond what weve seen in Alien Menace?

    1. Hard to say, because andi ran it all behind the screen. We knew we'd hit, and we observed the results. That's about it. I got unlucky and caught a few arrows that went through my armor and missed my trauma plates, but generally our SCAR-Hs were a good choice to shoot at armored enemies - purely based on observed effects.


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