Monday, August 25, 2014

Drokk it, we need GURPS Judge Dredd!

Just giving more weight to Doug Cole's post.

GURPS Dredd need marketing, badly

By grud, we need a GURPS Judge Dredd. If Munchkin gets one, why not GURPS?

Need more convincing?

How about a movie?

No, how about some Anthrax?

I Am The Law!*


How about some old comics?

Fighting the Sovs from East Meg in the Apocalypse War?

Versus Mean Machine Angel?

I have the old GW game, and I've played it. It's . . . okay, as over-engineered 80s games could sometimes be. It's true to the source but the system is a bit clunky and dated. I haven't tracked down a copy of the Mongoose line, but I'm still policing up (heh) missing issues of the comics I missed, so I've been giving that a miss for the time being until I've gotten the comics all together.

But GURPS, especially built around GURPS Lite and the Action line, could do this easily. It's just a matter of writing up the stats for stuff like Lawmasters, Stub Guns, Lawgivers, Rad Sweepers, Walter the robot, etc. GURPS has the system to run it easily already built right into the Action line.

Nicely, Foundry already has minis ready to go. Which reminds me, I do need to finish painting the Judge Dredd mini in my half-painted mini pile. And find where I stuck the one-armed resurrected Mean Machine figure I have, too.

I just want my Joe Dredd in GURPS terms, that's all.

* I never did get my hands on an Anthrax judge badge t-shirt I wanted so badly in High School. I should rectify that.


  1. Mongoose has the licence for Dredd. The RPG is based on Traveller. They had a sale of some sort a few months back on the Dredd stuff, And I ended up getting the game. I haven't really spent much time with it. I've never been much of a Judge Dredd fan, but cheap Traveller is cheap Traveller.

    1. Have, or had? They're still selling the stuff, but it's not clear to me this means they have the license now or for necessarily have it for much longer.

  2. I don't think that Munchkin developments can mean much for GURPS . Munchkin sells tens of thousands of copies per printing (and the Fantasy set is in it's what 23rd? printing now; at least the 22nd, I think). The best selling GURPS books seem to sell a few thousand copies at best and licensed settings appear to be among the worst selling GURPSbooks.


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