Saturday, August 2, 2014

Glosscote Rescue: Partial Success

I tried the other day to rescue my frosted minis with a coat of Glosscote.

Here is what I got:

 photo FuzzyMinis001_zps6eecd3a4.jpg

 photo FuzzyMinis002_zps09d00f30.jpg

 photo FuzzyMinis003_zps41cd4911.jpg

 photo FuzzyMinis004_zpsca3f2172.jpg

One side of the minis is quite good. The other, still frosted and grainy. I think I got a more consistent coat on one side. So clearly it's working, but I need another coat, and a more consistent coat on the opposite side of those minis.

Next time the humidity drops below 50% and the heat to 70 or less, I'll try again to re-seal them.


  1. Thanks for that--wish I'd known about that years ago. Glad to see you found a fix. I once ruined a huge batch of historical minis with clear coat "frosting". Such a bummer.

    1. We'll see how it turns out once I glosscote them again, and then flat coat them. But I'm much happier with the side I got a solid coat of Testor's 1261 glosscote on.


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