Saturday, August 9, 2014

GURPS DF: Road Ork Head

Or so the sign I saw on the highway yesterday claimed.

Despite keeping my eyes peeled, I saw no Ork Head anywhere.

Fine, I say.

I'll make my own Road Ork Head.

Based on traffic, I could figure out some of its abilities.

Slurg, Road Ork Head

Slurg is the head of the road orks. He loves nothing more than stopping traffic - sometimes for loot, but often enough just out of spite. He's big, nasty, and prone to wear orange.

ST 17 (1+2/3-1) HP 19 Speed 6.50
DX 13 Will 13 Move 5
IQ 11 Per 10
HT 13 FP 13
Dodge 9 + 2 DB Block 12 + 2 DB Parry (Bastard Sword) 12 + 2 DB DR: 5(3)

Punch (16): 1d+3 cr; Reach C.
Regular Bow (15): 1d+3 imp or 1d+3(2) pi, Acc 2, Range 255/340.
Weapons (16): Axe (3d+1 cut, Reach 1) or Bastard Sword (3d cut, 1d+4 imp, Reach 1,2 and 2).

Traits: Acute Hearing 2; Appearance (Ugly); Bully (12); Combat Reflexes; High Pain Threshold; Infravision; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3 to resist).

Skills: Axe/Mace-16; Brawling-16; Broadsword-16; Bow-15; Intimidation-12; Leadership-12; Shield-16; Stealth-14; Tactics-11; Wrestling-16.

Notes: Wears double-mail and carries a medium shield. Slurg usually has a "road crew" of 12-15 orcish Brutes (use the orc from DF3, and brute from DF15) to back him up.


  1. They have to armed with mauls and shovels, wielded as monk's spades. Maybe a few of them have glowing double escrima sticks.

  2. He must have a lot of turf disputes with the trolls who live under bridges.

    1. I'm assuming the trolls just delay river traffic, these days.

  3. Why doesn't he have Obsession (Stop traffic) (6)?

    1. Heh. He could. I just went for the "delay traffic" approach. :)

  4. Even this is just a joke I like it and enjoy orcs being powerful enough to be a threat to DF delvers. I am not a huge fan of having huge amounts of orcs that are so low powered they can't do anything against the delvers except get slaughtered. The guy you have posted seems like he might be able to put up some resistance to the delvers.

    1. He's right at the edge of being a threat. A 250-point DFer is more than a match for him, but given a lucky shot, or advantageous attack circumstances, he can inflict serious damage. So he needs to be taken seriously. He's a capable foe, somewhere between "Fodder" and "Worthy." Probably closer to Worthy, although that merely means needing equal odds to be a true threat.

    2. But he is better than the orcs in the Steading of the Hill Giant Chief and maybe better than the troglodytes and bugbears as well. Some people enjoy slaughtering low powered monsters but I prefer the monsters to at least have some threat.


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