Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gamma World: what's with all the fish?

The Gamma World editions I have sure have a lot of mutated sea creatures.

Not counting stuff like flying fish, there are a lot of acquatic-only, shoreline-only, and

It's a system surprisingly well stocked for exploring underwater.

Metamorphosis Alpha - 0 fish, as befits a spaceship, I suppose.

Gamma World, 1st edition - 45 bestiary entries, 9 fish or mainly aquatic creatures.

Gamma World, 2nd edition - 58 bestiary entries, 11 fish or mainly aquatic creatures/plants. Plus at least 1 more that is dual-use (land variant, aquatic variant.)

Either the writers really liked mutating fish, or Gamma World expects GMs to send the players into rivers, lakes, and oceans with regularity.

It's just a curiosity, really - that seems like a lot of water-centric encounters. I don't recall encountering many of these or using basically any of these back in my GW games. I've stolen some for fantasy games (stone fish, say) but that's about it.

Any Gamma Worlders out there think, finally, a system with a lot of fish? Or did it seem strange to you, too?


  1. the real point is you cant cross water or get a drink safely in play ever - i remember in the gammaworld game book being killed by fish - rivers full of statues? can you catch and weaponize them?

    1. At least one other race weaponized the ones that explode out of water.

      But I like your thinking.
      "Drak is going to fill his canteen. Cleve and Rand will give him covering fire."
      "Oops, too bad, the tree near Cleve eats him."

    2. yes the trees are a problem too - going to toilet in gammaworld sounds deadly - burrowing monsters!

    3. Truly, the only safe settlement is on top of an elevated highway, surrounding by a free-fire zone burned free of everything as soon as it sprouts or burrows up or alights upon it.

      Not sure how you eat or drink, but hey, Gamma World is pretty tough, maybe you don't get to do those. ;)

  2. 3/4 of Gamma Terra is covered in polluted water, it figures there will be a few mutant fish.

    1. Sure, I don't think it's unreasonable to have them. It just seems weird that out of the gate, a GM really needs more fish than just about any other type of opponents. There are more muted fish than mutated dogs, or mutated birds, or mutated horses.

  3. I only have 1st edition, but I count 12 (ignoring the landshark and the flying barracuda, but I do count the Crep Plant as a full result - so, 12 out of 46 if you want to count Crep Plants as two different entries): Barl Nep, Ber Lep, Cren Tosh, Crep Plant, Ert, Ert Telden, Fen, Fleshin, Herkel, Keeshin, Menarl, and Seroon Lou.


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