Friday, August 15, 2014

Belkar on the Lurker Above

One again, Rich Burlew via Belkar Bitterleaf says it oh so well:

"Whatever happened to basic adventurer paranoia, though? It's like these people have never had a ceiling come to life and try to smother them before."
- Belkar, in Collision Testing aka OOTS #960

Belkar must have left this poor bastard to die:

It's one of my favorites.

Tell the campaign world. Tell this to every PC, wherever they are. Watch the ceilings everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the ceilings!


  1. I love the lurker above. Heck, I love any monster that looks like something else. My group, their first session, everybody had their eyes aimed down. The first time I mentioned the piercer, suddenly they assigned the 2nd guy in the marching order to watch the ceiling at all costs...

    1. I expect PCs with cricks in their necks, next session, since I posted about this.

  2. Hey, to be fair, at least one or two people had cricks in their necks before you posted this, too.

  3. Does anyone know why 5e doesn't have lurkers or vegepygmy? I plan on my campaign group finding the Barrier Peaks. Not that it is too difficult to create them, I was wondering if anyone knew why... Also, why did they get rid of all but a few druidic summoning spells?


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