Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Games I'd Like To Play

Douglas Cole posted about this yesterday.

So this is my go.

Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition

Like Doug, I want in on a game of this. I've read the Starter Set and the free rules, and I'm impressed. It looks a lot like how I'd have liked AD&D to run back in the day, and what I'd have liked 3.x to be.

Sadly the only people who invited me in run games on Mondays, and Monday nights I have clients who never, never miss sessions, so that day is out.

I could conceivably run this game, but I don't have time to run another campaign with a rule set I'm new to. I'd like to play it first.

GURPS Action

I'd really like to get in on a GURPS Action game.

This is something I could start up easily, but I couldn't run easily. I'm just not that good at episodic play and paced action. I don't really know how to set it all up and keep it interesting and flowing. But man, I'd love to play in a game run by someone who gets those things. Not a really tight game - not an Action-inspired modern gritty but high powered game. No, explosions and kung fu and fast cars and one liners. That would be awesome.

The James Bond RPG

The old one, from Victory games.

I've read the game many times, but I never really got a handle on the difficulty bidding system, or how to really structure an adventure so it flows like a Bond movie. I know Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch used to run this game, and AFAIK that's where "Dr. Kromm" made his first appearance.

But the game is very attractive, and I know from hearing about how it played that it was a fast and good system. I'd be way into that. I know that what I understood of the system made it seem like a lot of fun. It would be fun to confound Bond villains and meet with "Q" and get cool gadgets and all of that. But it's not a game I could run effectively myself. I feel the same about superhero games - I can get my head into that space, but not construct it.

And those are the three RPGs I'd like to play sometime.


  1. It's been years since I last touched the books, but the old VG James Bond game is definitely one I'd love to play again, if only to dive back into the lovely supporting material. The Q Manual and Thrilling Locations have the reusability on par with the better GURPS books.

    1. The solution is obvious. We should make Sean Punch run a campaign for us. In his, uhm, free time.

  2. I am probably going to put a D&D 5e game on my prospectus in a year or so. I've got an Eberron campaign idea, and I don't want to run it in 3.5 (I found that it was way too much work as a GM after 12th level), and my players don't like 4e. Hopefully they'll have the Eberron book by then.

  3. For me it's D&D 5th Edition and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy

  4. Add me to the James Bond queue, too.

    I'd like to play some GURPS, as opposed to GMing it. But I don't think that's likely, aside from one-offs at con games, and those seem to go poorly.

    I'm feeling the urge to GM or play something SF -- GURPS, Savage Worlds, Fate, Traveller, Firefly; I dunno what system. Something.

    One of my Pathfinder regulars is out for a couple of weeks due to in-laws; in the interim, I am going to run the D&D 5e starter set adventure, to see how it plays. So I've got that covered as of Sunday.

  5. Your request for an Action game plus some old episodes of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff actually got me jotting down notes for a campaign. It looks remarkably like a cinematic version of Kromm's The Company game.


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