Sunday, September 7, 2014

Felltower: Megadungeon Notes & Update

Random Megadungeon Notes

As in, I found some random megadungeon notes. I was cleaning up and found a torn-out sheet of notes for my megadungeon that I wrote while I was in Japan last time I visited my in-laws. I missed a couple of ideas, but it's not too late to put them down in the lower levels . . .

Speaking of ideas and lower levels:


I have 3-5 areas I don't think the players can reasonably or easily get to that I haven't finished mapping. So I worked on some yesterday and today.

Annoyingly, I finished one area, and then found a note with a much cooler idea buried in it. Damn. What do I do? Do I go back and change it? That violates my heretofore successful and productive don't erase rule. Do I add another area with the much cooler idea, even if they overlap a bit? Do I find a way to merge the cool idea? I'm not sure yet, but I'm really leaning towards "merge the ideas." I hate to erase - that area is done and just needs details and stocking dammit!

Speaking of stocking:

Restocking and Stocking

Over the next couple days I need to do a restocking pass and make the changes that have happened over the past months since the dragon expedition. I also need to do basic stocking. I need to clean that system up, because it works pretty well, and see if I can't make it in a Pyramid article or something. It's still too many rolls at the moment, but it's fairly easy to remember once you've used it once or twice.

I need to do more rumors and news, too. Maybe come up with a few more wacky volunteer hirelings, too.

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