Sunday, September 21, 2014

DF Felltower NPC: Jon Blackbart

No game this week, so it's another Felltower NPC this Sunday.

Jon Blackbart is a volunteer hireling - he comes for tips, which generally works out to be much more than a day's rate at a real job. Plus, there is always the chance of a big score and a big payoff. He is mostly based on the Guard template from Dungeon Fantasy 15 but he's both better and worse in some ways than that.

For more pre-made henchmen from my game, check the DF Henchmen page.

Jon Blackbart

Jon is a mystery - his background is not known, and he's quiet and doesn't talk much about himself. He's fairly grim. He may have some kind of farming background, as he handled pigs well when asked. He does have some kind of fighting background as he owns and can handle a sword well. He doesn't have any other weapon skills, though, really - no ranged weapons, no backups besides Knife (and he doesn't carry a combat-useful one.) He does wear the traditional red shirt of the local militia.

ST 14  HP 14     Speed 6.00
DX 11 Will 10   Move 6
IQ 10  Per 10
HT 13 FP 13     DR 2 (Neck 4F, Skull 6)
Dodge 8   Parry (Broadsword) 10 + 2 DB   Block 10 +2 DB

Thrusting Broadsword (15): 2d+1 cutting or 1d+2 impaling; Reach 1.

Traits: Code of Honor (Stays Bought); Fearlessness 3; No Sense of Humor; Ridiculously Thick Beard (DR 2, Face 1-3 in 6, and Neck, front only); Stubbornness.

Quirks: Delusion: My sword is Ornate; Doesn't talk much; Willing to answer to "Bort" but resents it.

Skills: Animal Handling (Farm Animals)-10; Armoury (Melee Weapons)-9; Brawling-12; Broadsword-15; Forced Entry-11; Climbing-10; Knife-11; Shield-14; Sumo Wrestling-10; Stealth-10.

Gear: Clothing; Thrusting Broadsword w/cheap glass "gem" in pommel; Heavy Leather Armor (DR 2); Medium Shield; Personal Basics; Pot Helm (DR 4); Pouch; Sack; Small Knife (tool).

This is a straight-up Mordheim mini. The GW Mordheim minis drip with personality without being cluttered with too much detail. This guy is no different. These minis are a joy to paint.

 photo JonBlackbartFront_zps2a95111a.jpg

 photo JonBlackbartBack_zps4e456dea.jpg


  1. When I saw the Intel chip, I was kind of shocked that you would it for that. Then, I thought, that 20 year old chip, what else are you going to need it for? Then I realized I had forgotten how big of platters those were, back in the day.

    1. It's a Pentium w/MMX, probably 200 Mhz. I tossed the PC into recycling but held onto the chip because, what the hell.


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