Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Demon-Apes, Apes, or Ape-Demon Minis

Because I didn't buy and paint eight ape minis just for one fight against carnivorous dungeon apes.

Ape Minis photo Ape001s_zpsd03e2903.jpg

If I based them again, I'd use a smaller (washer) base so they'd fit better on my battle map. They're very stable, though, on the big bases.

That cruddy flock has to go, too - half of it is gone, and that's despite being cemented to the bases via a dip in watery glue.

They're all Reaper apes, by Jason Wiebe. Three - the crouching ones - I had to special order from their back catalog. The others I mostly bought in stores or online. One, I converted by hacking off his bone club (so he'd stand out as different). Another, I gave a silver back and a scarred left eye. He's the leader if I ever need to designate a leader.

Ape Leader photo Ape002s_zps5adefa52.jpg

And yes, there are more ape-demons and dire apes in my DF game. There is an in-game explanation, but the out-of-game explanation is that I like collecting and painting killer ape minis.


  1. They're clearly not Demons, because Demons (and Demonic Creatures) have red glowing eyes. Everyone knows that.

  2. The miniatures look good.

    "Taking your stinking paws off me you damned demon-ape!" :)


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