Saturday, September 27, 2014

GURPS & Wasteland 2

I wish I could live in the alternate reality where Fallout used GURPS (like it was originally going to), and that Wasteland 2 followed suit somehow.

It's a fun game, but really, it gets tiring shooting people in the head and having them keep coming as a matter of course (hey, it's only a round of .30-06), seeing guys running across the map and then stabbing you, or (my personal favorite) having sniper rifles with a 30 meter maximum range (not optimal, not "effective range" but "stand at 31m and I can't hit you.")

I've started fights with a headshot from cover and had the shot guy run up and shoot the sniper at point blank range.

Ah, video games.

Good thing I have my tabletop group playing tomorrow.


  1. I'm not normally much for realism mods (especially when playing something like Fallout where the enemy snipes me all the time because I have personally have low awareness), but I'd really love to see a realism mod for Wasteland 2. Increase the weapon ranges, reduce HP a bit, normalize weapon damage some so that all the 5.56mm assault rifles do comparable damage... that'd be great.

    Though I'm not really sure how much it would be necessary. I just finished the Mad Monks and started fighting the RSM with M-16s and AK-47s with my mostly 20th level team, and most of the bad guys are dropping in 2-3 shots. I'm barely using burst fire at all, mostly to deal with the higher end robots. So the balance isn't too bad, though there's a couple of points where it's messed up (225 HP honey badgers when you still only have the starting weapons, for instance).

    1. I haven't gotten as far.

      It's not a question of necessary, so much as it's not being so enjoyable for me. Fights are a drag. I've played totally unrealistic games (Borderlands 2 is a big favorite of mine) but here the unrealism isn't a fun adder like it is there. It just makes choices I've made poor ones, fights drag, and eye-rolling moments like the old "run across the map and attack you after the surprise sniper shot" thing just really annoying.

  2. Thanks, Peter, you just saved me some money. I can't take that kind of gameplay anymore.


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