Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chainmail Ogre Mercenary Mini

Here are some closeups of that Chainmail-line Ogre Mercenary I used as a cave giant in my game on Sunday. I can finally show them off because the players have seen this guy in person.

The chainmail line is very 2D. Even this guy is very flat front-to-back. The upside is that I could make him fit easily on a battlemap without a giant base.

You can probably see pretty easily that I didn't do all that much blending on this guy. Colors tend to start and stop abruptly. Honestly, I just got tired of painting him at some point, did some touch work to make him look good enough, and stopped. Still, he's a pretty good paint job and I expect if I need more giants in the future I'll bust him out again.

 photo ChainmailOgreMercenary001s_zpsd05b2dee.jpg

 photo ChainmailOgreMercenary003s_zps13bd3dbd.jpg

 photo ChainmailOgreMercenary002s_zpsd0b17398.jpg

Click on any of those for a larger version.


  1. Looks good. I've got that figure too. Its more a giant, in my opinion, than an ogre. I remember being slightly annoyed when I first bought that it didn't come with a stat card.

    Everytime I've put the Ogre Mercenary on the table the players gasp. :D

    1. It's a good mini. The Chainmail line was so hit and miss. Everything was either amazing (Ogre mercenary, otyugh, some of the character minis) or just awful (the gladiator apes that fall down, the two-part skeleton dogs that didn't fit together without glue, greenstuff, and re-modeling, gnolls with half a hundred pointy bits cast in 5 pieces, etc.)

      The hits, well, they're amongst my favorite minis! The misses sit mostly half-painting in my drawers, awaiting the coming paintocolypse.


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