Saturday, September 20, 2014

I have a secret GURPS project

It's true, I'm working on a project. It's not so secret anymore now that Dr. Kromm mentioned it on his Livejournal weekly GURPS update.

I can't tell you much except:

- the draft is due pretty soon, so if I seem busy or I'm being on your blogs or requests for anything, that's why.

- it's for GURPS, which should be no shock (gee, a GURPS author writing a project for the GURPS Line Editor is writing a GURPS project! Gasp!)

- I can't tell you what line or topic it's for, but it's related to things I've written about being. I'm not expanding into a new line. So that cuts it down to, what, three possible lines of support? Low-Tech, Martial Arts, or Dungeon Fantasy. Or a mix. That's technically possible, too.

- I'm the sole author. I like co-authoring better for a lot of reasons (for one, I can hand off what gets me stuck) but this one has largely flown off of my keyboard and I wouldn't have needed much writing help. Editing and rules question help, yes, but not to get most of the words down.

- and that I had a goal of getting 250 new words down this morning before MMA class and instead I edited and edited and added, like, 2 new words. Sigh.

That's all I can tell you now.

I'd also like publicly resent the fact that Wasteland 2 came out yesterday and I tried it briefly last night. I got sucked right in, which tells me it has to go on the "after you've done your writing for today!" pile.


  1. Come on. We're all friends here. You can tell us.

  2. Could there be some monsters? Dragons, werewolves, the Palin family?

  3. GURPS Low Tech Dungeon Fantasy Martial Arts. The title need work, though...

  4. I haven't dropped any hints about my currently in-process book. Perhaps I should tell some extravagant lies about it.

    1. Well, your supplement does do everything for everyone, and also includes pizza or coffee and donuts, depending on how early or late the meetings are.

    2. I'm working on adding cronuts, but the editor's imposing some word count limits, so that may end up in the designer's notes.

    3. Don't feel too bad about Wastelands 2. I got sucked into Destiny about 2 weeks ago and am now 2 weeks behind on my campaign work schedule.

    4. Heh. Yeah, but did you sign a contract that says you get paid less if you miss your campaign work schedule?


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